Why Parents Should Adopt Disciplining Techniques and Shun Punishments

Did you know that the behavior of your child can be used to determine your parenting skills?


Discipline is a key element in parenting as it helps to define the parent-child dynamics. Basically, discipline is all about teaching your child about choices and consequences. The main aim of disciplining is to encourage your child to avoid negative behavior and make positive choices that will enable them to become better people in future. Unfortunately, most parents fail to distinguish between punishment and discipline. So, do you know which the best option to instill good manners in your child is?

Why you should avoid punishment



When preparing your child for their adult life, you need to find a way through which you will achieve long-term results in your quest to shape your child’s behavior. Punishment is an old fashioned style of instilling good manners in your child, and as a matter of fact, it can have negative effects on your child. Here are reasons why punishment does not add any value to your child.

Punishment is caused by overreaction

In most cases, when parents punish their children, it is as a result of being hurt by the child’s behavior. The main reason why parents punish their children is because they want to inflict the same pain caused by the child’s behavior. The best way to deal with the annoying behavior by your child is to take a deep breath and objectively assess the situation.

Punishment does not teach any lesson

Most parents think that by inflicting pain, the child will change their bad behavior. Instead, punishment teaches the child that it is okay to treat those that are smaller and weaker in the same violent manner. Moreover, punishment will only force the child to devise ways of avoiding getting punished rather than teach them the essence of behaving appropriately.

Punishment creates a tension based relationship

When a parent inclines to punishment as a way of teaching good behavior, the child will fear their parent and will always get worried by the line of action that the parent will take, when they make a mistake. As a result, the child and parent will never enjoy a solid relationship since the child cannot predict what the parent thinks of him/her.
Many parents end up punishing their children when angered. Punishments can have a negative effect on the child and can also destroy what would have been a great parent-child relationship. Therefore, parents should exercise some degree of self-control when reacting to the behavior of their children. Learn how to correct wrong behavior by using discipline strategies rather than adopting punishment. Remember, children also deserve love and respect and the only way to show your love and care is by adopting disciplining techniques and shun punishment!


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