Tips for Positive Parenting

The importance of a positive parenting approach



Parenting is arguably one of the most challenging tasks. Not only does it involve providing for the child but also it involves guiding the child to become a responsible adult. There are various approaches to parenting, and the best style is positive parenting. Positive parenting seeks to create an understanding between the parent and the child in a bid to avoid any conflict of interests. So, what does positive parenting entail and what are some of the tips that will make you a positive parent?



Tips on positive parenting


Unlike the old-fashioned way of parenting which entails telling the child what to do and how to do it, positive parenting is all about giving instructions on what to do and explaining why the child needs to do what they have been instructed to do. Courtesy of this approach, the child, and the parent will enjoy a great relationship based on mutual understanding. Herein some tips that will get you started on positive parenting.


Listen to your child

Most parents rarely listen to the feelings and thoughts of their children. As a result, conflicts arise and in some ugly instances, it might cause division within the family. Before you take any action on your child, it is important that you first give them a listening ear in order to find out what the cause of their discomfort is.

Work together as a family

Involving your children in making the family decisions will make them feel appreciated thus they will always be honest with you. For instance, if a child is involved in planning for the family vacation, they are going to enjoy the vacation more as compared to a child who just received news of a vacation without knowing where they are going.

Hold the child accountable

Many parents are overprotective, and thus they do not hold their children accountable for their actions. In most cases, parents will defend their children in-case they get in trouble or even pass the blame to others; and this will only do your child more harm than good. Instead, hold your child accountable for their actions and let them face the consequences of their actions. This is the only way a child can learn from their mistakes.

Complement improved performance

With the old style of parenting, parents did not acknowledge any positivity in their children but were always quick to punish their negative behaviour. At times, it might be difficult to notice a behaviour worth complementing. Therefore, be sure to complement or offer a reward if you notice any improvement in your child.



Positive parenting is one sure way of ensuring your child grows and behaves in the best manner. In addition, positive parenting guarantees long-term results. That said, if you were wondering what it will take to create a connection with your child and still guide them properly, be sure to embrace positive parenting. The results will certainly leave you impressed!

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