8 Benefits of Breastfeeding

It is true that it may be more convenient to give your baby formula, but if you don’t have any medical problems that may keep you from breastfeeding, you should not take this away from you baby. Breastfeeding brings a number of benefits both for the baby and for the mother, so do think about this very well until making your final decision.

1. It strengthens the immune system of the baby

It is well known that through the mother’s milk, the newborn baby receives all the antibodies he or she may need to fight off infections. According to Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D, an infant-nutrition expert, the incidence of pneumonia, colds, and other viruses is lower in babies that are breastfed. Their digestive system is also protected, as diarrhea is not a common issue.

2. It burns calories for the mother

Lawrence also states that through breastfeeding, the mother is able to shed calories with every ounce of milk fed to her baby. 20 ounces of milk provided for your baby, through breastfeeding, means 400 calories shed by the body of the mother. And we all know just how great that is, if you want to melt the pounds you accumulated during pregnancy.

3. The milk supply adapts to the needs of the baby

Heather Kelly, who is a board-certified international lactation consultant, says that the mother’s milk adjusts in time so that it will need the needs of the baby. In the first days after giving birth, the milk is filled with antibodies, high in protein and low in sugar. Then it changes, having more sugar and proteins, to feed a growing baby. Formula, on the other hand, cannot do that.

4. The mother’s period will not come too soon

When breastfeeding your body will delay the ovulation. So the period will not come for a couple of months after delivering your baby. According to Kelly, once again, some women will have a period after 6 to 8 months, while other may wait even one year.

5. It is much cheaper

The La Leche League International made some calculations to find out just how much will mothers pay for formula, per year. It can cost you from $1,600 to $5,800 in one single year, if you decide to opt for formula, so why not go for the source of milk that is completely free and keeps on coming.

6. None of you will have weight problems

Due to breastfeeding, neither the mother nor the child will have problems with their weight in the future. While the mother burns calories, the baby will receive a well-balanced nutrition.

7. It significantly lowers the risks of SIDS

Breastfeeding lowers the risks of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, with about a half, this benefit being known by all pediatricians and doctors around the world. This happens because the baby is properly immunized with the help of his mother’s milk.

8. Vaccines become more efficient

Numerous studies found out that babies that are breastfed will respond much better to vaccines and will create the proper amount of antibodies to fight diseases, than compared with the babies that were fed with formula.

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