Why You Should Sell Your Services Online

Christmas is quickly approaching and everyone is scrambling to get their shopping done. This time of year always leave wallets empty. With Christmas, hubby’s birthday, my daughter’s birthday, brother in-law’s birthday, and nephew’s birthday all in the same month, we are always left broke in December.

A great way to earn some extra cash for the holidays is selling your expertise online. You can easily work from home while doing what you love. Everyone is good at something, find your talent, and profit from it. I love using Fiverr because it’s a simple and heavily used platform for services. You can literally find anything on there. I have seen people offering to complete entire 16 week online college courses.

I offer social media management for Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s something that I really enjoy doing, it’s not too time consuming, and I make a decent amount doing it. I also offer to review/promote products for businesses, but I am extremely selective because I refuse to promote a business I do not truly love.

You will want to market and promote your services because there is a lot of competition for certain niches. I tweet the link to my services three times a week and advertise on my Facebook page. Most of my clients come from Twitter. You can also utilize Pinterest to get your name out there.

I love Fiverr because you can set your own rates, work as much/little as you want, network, and do what I love. If you are familiar with my site, then you know that I love lists! So here is a short list of some unique services you could offer:


Draw a Portrait          Design Business Cards                  Create Infographics              Set up Social Media Pages

Make Personalized Gifts                      Review Websites                                Comment on Blogs

Write College Essays            Edit Videos               Write a Poem              Review Manuscripts


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