2016 List of Companies That Will Mail Coupons For FREE!

Let’s talk coupons! Did you know that you can simply ask a company for coupons and they will mail them to you for free? Not just small dollar coupons either, some will send you high value ones! All you have to do is ask. I searched through article after article seeking companies that will do this and after countless emails, I finally received coupons in my mailbox. Here is a current list of companies that will send you coupons, the value, and how I went about asking:




1. King’s Hawaiian – 2 coupons for any one FREE package of bread up to $7.50
I went here and filled out the contact form. I wrote about how much my family loves their bread and how much I would appreciate some coupons. A couple weeks later, I received 2 coupons for free bread.

2. Gerber – 2 $0.25 off any on product and 2 $1.75 off any product
I actually didn’t even ask for these. I was feeding my daughter a Gerber baby food jar and noticed little black specs. It was a food with zucchini in it, so I figured it was just from that. I called Gerber to be safe, though. The customer service rep told me that it was perfectly normal because they do not peel the zucchini in order to keep more nutrients in the food. That’s what the “black specs” were from. He apologized and took my mailing address to send me coupons. A few days later, I got several coupons that are mentioned above. The $1.75 off coupons make a pack of baby food completely free!

3. Jimmy Dean – 1 $1 off on any one Jimmy Dean breakfast product
I went here, filled out the form, praised their products, and asked if they would send me coupons. It was really that easy!

4. Beech-Nut – 1 $1 off 2 or more products, 2 coupons for any FREE product up to $4
After I got off the phone with Gerber, I figured Beech-Nut would send coupons too. My daughter didn’t seem to like their jars of meat. I figured because they were chunkier than Gerber. I called Beech-Nut and they told me that their meats are always chunky like that and offered to mail me coupons.

5. Purina – 1 FREE coupon for pet food up to $23, 1 FREE coupon for 2 cans of pet food up to $5.56, 3 $1 coupons for any one package of dry pet food
I was so happy when I received all those coupons because feeding 2 cats can get expensive! I went here and told them how much my cats enjoy their brand of cat food. I then asked if they would mind sending me coupons for my next shopping trip.


6. Gatorade – 2 $2 off coupons on any product
I went here and did a live chat with a rep (you can email them). I told the rep that I love Gatorade, but noticed that they never have coupons in the Sunday paper. I asked her if she could mail any to me and she took my mailing address.

7. Al Feesco – 2 $1 any one package of Al Fresco product
I went here and filled out the contact form. I told them that I would appreciate some coupons because I really enjoy their sausage products.

8. 9 Lives – 1 $1 off coupon and 1 $1.50 off coupon
Go here, fill out the form, praise their product, and ask for coupons.

This is just a short list of companies that actually sent me coupons. I tried several other companies from the numerous articles posted about getting coupons for free, but these were the ones that I had success with recently. When asking for coupons, make sure you mention how much you love their product. Companies love hearing positive feedback! Happy couponing!

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