My First Natural Birth

I was hugely pregnant through the summer, something that I rubbed in all my female relatives’ noses because none of them had ever experienced such.  I would get home from work each afternoon and just sit on the A/C vent in the floor of our dining room because I was always so hot.  I was a little swollen too which I could barely keep under control with exercise, but some things are uncontrollable (unfortunately).

I was due on a Tuesday and I did NOT want to go back to work that week; I was ready for that boy to get out!  I had a doctor’s appointment the Friday before and he started discussing the possibility of having to induce me–something I wanted to avoid at all costs.  So the next day, Saturday, I opted for some perfectly natural methods of induction.  I walked around our whole neighborhood for TWO HOURS straight, taking thank you cards to ladies who had given me gifts at a shower the week before.  And then that night my husband and I decided to have some intimate time together.

Guess what?  Sunday morning I went into labor.  Of course, I was a little nervous, who isn’t with their first birth?  But I was prepared.  I had my bag packed (probably with two many things).  I had multiple copies of my birth plan, etc.  We got to the hospital and all I wanted to do was sit up in the bed.  I tried sitting on a birthing ball, but the pressure under me felt counter productive to the visualizing I was doing of ‘down and out.’

I tried using a squat bar because I had been practicing my squats for months.  But my legs felt weak and I just wanted to conserve my energy as much as possible.  It likely slowed things down though because I wasn’t facilitating labor as much as I could have been.

My husband kept shoving ice in my mouth and I almost pushed him away once.  But he did his job.  He later said that it’s all he knew to do, so he did it. 🙂

After about nine hours of labor, I had been sitting at 9 cm with a little lip that just needed to move to the side.  But it didn’t move out of the way.  So the doctor suggested that we break my water so that the pressure behind my sac would release and then I would fully dilate quite easily.  I agreed and he was absolutely right.  My contractions changed and I immediately felt the urge to bear down.

Pushing was a challenge because I didn’t know how to do it.  I certainly knew how to push out a bowel movement, but this was MUCH more than that.  It took me maybe an hour to simply figure out how to push properly.  I would squeeze every muscle in my body, so much that my husband said I was turning purple, but it didn’t help.

I wasn’t sitting up high enough so it slowed things down.  My baby stopped moving down my birth canal and half way down he was stuck, and he was stuck for a little while.

So with guidance from our doctor, we decided to use the vacuum kiwi cap to help pull him out and to do a local anesthetic that would numb my perineal area so it wasn’t so tender.  Thus, I didn’t feel the ring of fire, but I sure felt everything else.

I remember just being in total AWE after I saw them pull that baby up and hand him to me.  It’s like I was in shock and forgot about all the hospital workers in the room.  I kept saying “Wow” over and over with my husband.  I couldn’t believe it!  But at the same time I did; I had given birth naturally!

I did it!  I had proven it to myself and then I knew I could do it again and again.


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