My First Boobie Box!

A mother in my local breastfeeding group shared a subscription box for breastfeeding mothers. I absolutely loved the idea of a box designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers. I hadn’t heard of anything like it before. When I went to the website I noticed that the business was created and ran by a breastfeeding mother and lactation counselor. I like the idea that the subscription box is made by someone who knows the ups and downs of nursing.

I received my first box this month and was very happy with it! It was so much more than I had expected. When I opened it, I noticed the pretty wrapping and all the papers. The box included an article with advice for working mothers that breastfeed. It had some great advice that I really needed because my milk supply has been lacking lately with my new work hours. There were also personal breastfeeding stories that I thought was really interesting. It was nice to read about other experiences with breastfeeding.

Now to the part you’re probably most interested in, the products that were included. I received a nurselet (helps to hold a shirt up while nursing), teething necklace, 2 boobie bars (so yummy!), bath salts, and Gatorade packets. There was an index card that listed the retail value of each item so consumers can know that they really did get what they paid for. Which is a lot different than the numerous subscription boxes that I have paid for in the past.


The nurselet is great and I didn’t even know that there was a product like that for sale. The teething necklace is so pretty and came at the perfect time for my teething daughter! The boobie bars were absolutely delicious! They were my favorite product out of the box. I will definitely be ordering some in the future. The bath salts are to have for the occasional, relaxing bath that my sweet husband allows me. Last but not least, I love Gatorade, so I was happy to see those included in my box.


Overall, I am very happy with my Boobie Box and I will be ordering one for my newly pregnant friend. I definitely recommend this subscription box to nursing mothers, those looking for a baby shower/hospital gift for a friend, and husbands to give in support of their breastfeeding wife.

There are two different options to choose from. You can order the Boobie Box for $19.99 or opt for the premium box for $34.99. Once you have chosen which box you would like to receive, you take a personalization survey so that you receive items that fit your needs. One of the things that I just really love is that you can give the Boobie Box as a gift rather than subscribe to a monthly plan. You can give either a Postpartum Box or a regular Boobie Box. I love the gift option because it makes gift giving so easy. I would love to have received a Postpartum Box for my first month of breastfeeding.

Order your Boobie Box today right here!


*Disclaimer: I received a box in return for my honest review

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